Custom Exhaust


At Quick Muffler, we’re a full-service custom exhaust system builder. From mild to WILD, from extra quiet to EARTHSHAKING, we’ll build your exhaust system the way YOU want it! From the headers/manifolds, to the custom pipes, through the mufflers and converters, to the custom exhaust tips, WE have the parts and expertise to build the exhaust system of your dreams.

A factory exhaust system is designed to be cheap to manufacture; performance is usually not given much thought for most vehicles. This doesn’t mean they are poorly designed, but it does leave a lot of room for improvement that a custom system can provide. Increased horsepower and torque, as well as better sound can be achieved with a custom exhaust system, and we can help you determine what will work best for your vehicle and your desired goals.

An engine must breathe properly for efficient operation, and many times a free-flowing exhaust system will unleash additional power because so much more air can move through your engine. When more air can move through your exhaust, more power will be produced and you’ll feel the difference!

Some owners just want to change the sound of their car or truck…maybe they want to hear their sound system better, or perhaps they want to rattle the windows of their neighbors…either way, we’ll build the system you desire!

We use all the top name brand mufflers, including Flowmaster, MagnaFlow, Borja, Dynomax, and Walker…and if it’s not in stock, we’ll get it for you. Chrome, stainless, or aluminized pipes…your choice! Chrome or shaped exhaust tips…take your pick!

So, whether it’s more power, better efficiency, or a better sound, we will build you the custom exhaust you need. Call us today to discuss your new custom system and get the power and sound you want, built with the quality you deserve!

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