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Great muffler service

Great service, price and quality for my classic 1995 truck. Installed a new muffler in less than an hour. Thanks Sam.


Honest muffler repair near me

I can’t say enough about this shop. Not only did they correctly diagnose my exhaust problem they also didn’t charge me a dime. Two other muffler shop of course diagnosed it wrongly (catalytic converter) on purpose imo and to fix it wanted between $600 to $1000 when the problem was only a minor exhaust leak. An honest mechanic is worth their weight in gold and this shop is worth every ounce!

Kevin Burnes

Recommended for catalytic converter & 02 sensor repair

Sam and crew at the Franklin location handled the diagnosis and repair of my exhaust system in quick order. Hard to know who to trust anymore, but my mechanic recommended this outfit, highly. I had no idea how poorly my truck was running till Sam and crew fixed my exhaust issue (replaced catalytic converter & O2 sensors). I forgot what it was to get in my 98 TACO, V6, and have it run so smooth. I feel the full power again, and I know I'm not gonna have to stop at the gas station as often. If you want honest, efficient and fair (not the cheapest), take your vehicle to these guys!

Phillip Dominguez

Highly recommended muffler service

They were recommended to me by Jonathan at Firestone and I couldn't be happier with not only the service I received but their followup when I had extra questions and brought the car back in. Everyone there is extremely friendly and seemed comfortable explaining the whole process to me. I ended up with two new 02 sensors and one new catalytic converter (the second converter is still good). I only take surveys of companies that I really like. This is definitely one shop that I would recommend to anyone!

Mary Jean Imai

Friendly and knowledgeable muffler repair near me

The team at Quick Muffler did a great job! They got us in and repaired, same day. The team was friendly and knowledgeable! We definitely recommend them for exhaust repair!

Don Smith

Great muffler service in Franklin, TN

Had an exhaust leak on my 2019 ram 1500. Sam was helpful in identifying the location and giving options for an upgraded muffler. Was able to do the next day in less than two hours. Great service and very nice guys. Highly recommend working with them.

Brandon Bullard

Quick exhaust repair

Sam is always nice and know exactly what you need. Quick Muffler is very accommodating and do the job "Quick" and thorough every time. I have had 3 vehicles upgraded with performance exhausts at a very fair price. It is perfect every time! Latest one is a 2013 Mustang GT and they installed a Roush Axle Back muffler and BBK X Pipe on after calling them just an hour before to see if they had time. Sounds great!

Robert Neill

Highly recommended muffler repair near Franklin

I’m visiting family from out of town over the busy holiday and needed ‘quick’ muffler repair. They repaired my exhaust pipe immediately.Their garage was clean and orderly. The two mechanics I dealt with were very knowledgeable, nice and, helpful. Highly recommended!!! Thanks guys!

Greg Chann

Recommended for diagnostic and 02 sensor

I've always been fond of Sam and the guys over at Quick Muffler in Franklin. I just picked up my Jeep Wrangler from getting a 31-Inch Cherry Bomb GlassPack installed, alongside some Diagnostic fixes with my O2 Sensors. I am very happy and satisfied with the continued exhaust work and the performance of it as well.

Bo Robinson

Recommend muffler repair

Sam and his guys did a great job on my exhaust replacing the straight pipes previously installed with a Black Widow exhaust muffler. Sam was super courteous and professional as were his technicians. I would recommend them to anyone.

Brandon Miller

Five star muffler repair

Pinpointed exhaust manifold gasket leaking. Was also leaking at oxygen sensor bung. Had new muffler/tip installed as well. Max and his guys took care of me.

Old man 74

First call for muffler or exhaust repair

Always a pleasure to work with the Quick Muffler folks. Booking appointments is easy. Very friendly service. Prices are quoted up front. No “surprises”during the job. Good quality. Finished on time. Most of my cars are vintage - so it takes a special touch and care to rebuild exhaust systems. They’re my first call.

John Dunavan

Excellent muffler repair service

Very professional and excellent service, they helped me find a muffler for my vehicle and got me fixed up and on my way. I would highly recommend!!! Thank you and best wishes

Joe Esposito

Amazing job

My truck broke down and wasn’t sure what the issue was. Thanks to quick muffler they figured it out and got my truck back on the road. They are great people to work with. Amazing job

Tommy Sciucco