Catalytic Converters


Addressing Common Smog-Related Repairs

Many car owners often wonder about the cost of catalytic converter repairs.

Catalytic converters are essential filtration components that remove impurities, such as carbon monoxide, from your vehicle's exhaust. When these converters deteriorate or become clogged, it negatively impacts your vehicle's performance, fuel efficiency, and smog emissions. To cater to a wide range of vehicles, both domestic and import, we offer an extensive selection of OBD1 and OBD2 catalytic converters. Contact us today to ensure that your vehicle meets the required standards.

Catalytic converters play a significant role in enhancing the environmental friendliness of automobiles by reducing air pollution caused by passenger vehicles. This contributes to alleviating pollution concerns in densely populated cities and congested areas where numerous daily commutes occur. Moreover, it helps safeguard the Earth's ozone layer from depletion.

Your catalytic converter plays a crucial part in determining whether your vehicle passes or fails inspection. It effectively reduces harmful emissions by filtering out specific hydrocarbons from your car's exhaust system. Additionally, catalytic converters help minimize exhaust noise generated by your vehicle.

Oxygen sensors "sniff" your vehicle's exhaust and provide feedback to your car's computer, allowing it to make adjustments accordingly. A malfunctioning oxygen sensor can significantly impact your fuel efficiency, resulting in frequent trips to the pump. If you notice fluctuations in your MPG, contact us promptly, and we'll assist you in getting back on track and saving money. We can replace faulty O2 sensors and perform repairs or weld in new oxygen sensor bungs if your vehicle requires them.

At Quick Muffler, your trusted under car shop in Franklin, TN, we exclusively install quality replacement parts. Give us a call, and let us help you maintain a safe and economical journey on the road. Our services extend to Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, and Williamson County.

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