Check Engine Light


Interpreting Your "Check Engine Light"

Your "Check Engine Light" serves as a warning, triggered by a sensor connected to your vehicle's ECM (engine control module). It can indicate the need for maintenance or serve as an alert for a potential major component failure.

Each sensor linked to the ECM generates a code that informs technicians about the specific item requiring attention or replacement. While reading these codes may seem straightforward, it demands expensive equipment and years of experience to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of the trouble code.

Potential for Serious and Costly Damage

In cases where the malfunctioning part or system poses a risk of significant and expensive damage, the ECM may activate a "self-preservation" mode, restricting power and potentially triggering additional alarms. Should this occur in your vehicle, immediate inspection is imperative to prevent severe damage.

Don't Disregard the Issue—Schedule an Appointment

However, it is crucial not to dismiss other instances of the engine light illuminating, even if they appear less severe. Frequently, a sensor detects a minor issue before it escalates into a major problem. Thus, it is always wise to address the light promptly when it appears.

The best course of action is clear: when your vehicle signals "Check, please," it is undoubtedly time to schedule an appointment—with us!

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