Exhaust and Emissions


Ensuring Safety: Exhaust and Emission Systems

Carbon monoxide, a dangerous and potentially fatal toxin, is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths. Excessive exposure to auto exhaust can result in brain damage and even death. If you detect the presence of exhaust anywhere other than the tailpipe or notice its smell or sound, it is crucial to promptly schedule an auto inspection.

Emission Testing and Maintenance

In several states, regular emission tests, such as inspection/maintenance (I/M), SMOG, or OBD-II emission testing, are now mandatory on an annual or biannual basis. These tests involve various procedures, such as visually inspecting specific emission-control systems, measuring tailpipe emissions at designated engine speeds or while the vehicle is operating on a dynamometer, or verifying the proper functioning of the emission system on 1996 and newer vehicles using a scan tool. Major cities in Tennessee also require these types of tests. Maintaining your vehicle's emission system properly is essential for the environment and your own financial benefit. Neglecting the maintenance of this system can lead to test failures, decreased gas mileage, and other issues.

If your vehicle is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, contact Quick Muffler immediately:

  • Misfire, pulsation, or jerking that fluctuates with engine speed.
  • Steady sputtering sound from the exhaust at idle or low speed.
  • Occasional foul smell emanating from your vehicle.

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