Factory Exhaust


Ensuring the Integrity of Your Factory Exhaust System

Factory exhaust systems are commonly installed in vehicles today for their cost-effectiveness in mass production. While they adequately remove exhaust gases from the engine and release them into the atmosphere, in regions where rain, snow, or ice are encountered, a typical stock system can face challenges such as rust, corrosion, and failure at connecting junctions.

Due to the poisonous nature of exhaust gases, it is crucial to have your factory exhaust system inspected at least once a year for rust, road damage, and loose or missing parts. Immediate inspection is also necessary if you notice any sudden changes in the sound of your car or truck, such as an increase in volume or backfiring. Even alterations in your own behavior as a driver, such as experiencing drowsiness or recurring headaches while driving, can be indicators of exposure to deadly carbon monoxide. Regular inspections provide the peace of mind that your stock system is in proper working order.

At Quick Muffler, we not only offer repair services for your factory system, but we can also source the necessary factory parts to ensure proper functionality. This approach is typically the most cost-effective way to maintain your stock system. However, if your existing system is beyond repair, we can explore options for modification or even custom building a new system. For classic vehicles, there are stainless steel replacement parts available that can significantly extend the lifespan of your older car.

Schedule your annual inspection for your factory system today to assess its remaining lifespan. If any issues are identified, we will provide a comprehensive assessment of the situation. When we repair your exhaust system, we will go above and beyond to ensure that your factory system is secure, quiet, and safe for you and your family.

At Quick Muffler, your trusted under car shop in Franklin, TN, we exclusively install quality replacement parts. Give us a call, and let us assist you in maintaining a safe and cost-effective journey on the road. Our services extend to Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, and Williamson County.

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